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Vikings Struggle in KC

Who saw this coming? The Vikings now drop to 0-4 and now have all but secured their spots in the stands for the playoffs. Coming into the game against the Chiefs I thought the Vikes would win for sure because, well, they needed to. The Vikings looked to be a better team than the 0-3 who were missing Charles and Berry due to injury. The Vikings did not lose this game like the last 3, they played an average football game the entire time. It comes down to a couple things. The offensive line can’t create any holes for Peterson to run through. Donovan has no time in the pocket, and even with time tends to over or under throw open receivers. Lastly the Vikings defense plays well, but they are always on the field. Throughout the first 4 games the Vikings defense has been on the field for the majority of the game. Today’s game was a little better, but still not a good balance.


It is hard to find a positive note to write about, after starting the season 0-4. I am an overly optimistic guy, but even this loss is depressing. If you had to look for good things to say about the offense I guess you could talk up the use of Percy Harvin. Harvin has been one of the lone bright spots on the team, even though he could be the target of a few more passes down the field. He is a playmaker at heart, and whenever he touches the ball good things are going to happen. He had 67 rushing yards today, on a few reverses. He also added 42 yards receiving. The Vikes need to find a way to sustain drives and get touchdowns instead of field goals.

Shiancoe showed up for today’s game, he was targeted early and often by McNabb. He was able to be a beast in the middle of the field and made some big plays on third down. Is it just me or does it seem like the Vikings do not utilize their WRs. It seems like they only make one or to catches a game. That is not being productive. We need to find a way to sustain our drives so that we can have a few more plays to get the ball down the field to the receivers, and keep a good balance of run to pass. Longer drives would also keep the defense fresher and tougher to face. All in all it is a sad day for Vikings fans. Very few people predicted us to be this bad, when is it time to maybe look at Joe Webb or start to develop Ponder? 

Highlights- http://www.vikings.com/media-vault/videos/Full-Highlights-Chiefs-22-Vikings-17/2559ca3e-61c4-4ac9-a57e-f758b3888cb4

For game Stats http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/boxscore?gid=20111002012





Lynx Headed to the Finals






The Minnesota Lynx have won the Western Conference Finals with a win over the Phoenix Mercury on Sunday. They completed the sweep with a huge 27 point win. The Lynx seem to be clicking at the right time. The will play at home in front of a big Target Center crowd on Sunday Oct. 2nd at 7:30. This is their first Finals appearance in Franchise history. They will play either the Fever or the dream, who will play a deciding third game tonight. It is going to be a blast so click here to get your tickets now http://www.wnba.com/lynx/tickets/



Viking’s Second Half Woes Continue

The Vikings looked to be the same Vikings we have watched for the past two weeks. With the strong start, the Vikings looked like they were on their way to their first victory of this young season. The Vikings Defense was playing strong, and they were holding Stafford and the rest of the Lions to a total of zero points through the entire first half. The Vikes were up 20-0 and I, like most fans I’m sure, still had a bad feeling in my gut. The past two games have been identical, and now the third was shaping up to be the exact same.

The Vikings corner backs actually played well throughout the game. Chris Cook seemed to show some of that promise we saw from him in his rookie preseason games. He was matched up 1-1 with Calvin Johnson for most of the game and held his own. When Johnson made plays it was because Griffin or Cook, were playing bad defense, it was because well he is the, MEGATRON, and it showed today. The Vikes could not find a solution to stop passes down the middle of the field. The play of Sanford/Johnson has been brutal this year. On Johnson’s second touchdown score Sanford was completely out of position, he was going to try to triple team a Lion in the corner of the endzone, and lost track of the best WR in the league. As a result Johnson ran right behind Sanford and was wide open in the endzone.

Peterson only had 17 rushes, he was running the ball extremely well throughout the first half, but come the second half he was not given the opportunity. Peterson is the best player in the league and we need to have a better ratio of pass to run plays, especially if you are trying to hold of a second half rally.  The Vikes 3rd down conversion rating was terrible, they only completed 4 of 14. On fourth and 1 the Vikes gave the ball to Gerhart who was unable to get 1 yard. The offensive line is not getting a push. Even if the Vikes wanted to through deep I don’t think they could because McNabb wouldn’t have the time.

Enough with the negatives on the game, I’m sure you all are still pretty angry with the second half collapse. To get a  closer look at the game stats click on link- http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/boxscore?gid=20110925016


Fraiser postgame Presser

Game Highlights

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